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Infuse harmony into your business with a unique approach, blending Ayurvedic wisdom with modern methodologies.

Optimal way to business alignment and holistic success.

Approaching business with Ayurveda completely reshaped my company, bringing balance, harmony, clarity and structure.

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Magdalena Wachowska, Lady Herb

Heart – to – Heart connection

Hi, I'm Ella Sokolowska, your Ayurvedic Business Growth Strategist

I am dedicated to empowering female entrepreneurs to elevate their businesses and make a meaningful impact. I specialise in developing and implementing tailored strategies that combine Ayurvedic wisdom with innovative growth methods.

My mission is to help women transform their business practices, bringing structure, harmony, clarity and joy. Leveraging my expertise as a transformational coach, empowerment mentor, mindful project manager and advocate of Ayurveda, I explore beyond conventional boundaries to show a more subtle yet successful way to run a business.

Together, we uncover the root causes of your business challenges, craft effective solutions and seamlessly integrate them into your enterprise, achieving a balanced work-life dynamic. It brings me immense joy to see you create a business you love.

“Be ready to revise any system, scrap any method, abandon any theory, if the success of the job requires it.”

Henry Ford

Discover the key to happiness and fulfilment within your own business.

If chaos and confusion have crept into your business and stress is a frequent companion, chances are that lack of harmony is affecting both your health and your work-life balance.

Yet, within this challenge lies tremendous opportunity.

Whilst navigating uncertainty and confusion can feel overwhelming, it also holds the potential to propel you to a new level of success. I invite you to join me on this journey guided by a unique philosophy, one that will help you navigate around any obstacle, empowering you to tackle even the toughest challenges.

Through the wisdom of ancient Vedic psychology you will unlock the secrets of your authentic blueprint, crafting a strategy that restores harmony and balance to your business. This marks the beginning of your business evolution, leading you towards genuine inner peace.

When will our collaboration amplify your success?

There is a lack of clarity and direction, and your business goals, values, and priorities are misaligned.

You are held back by excuses, mental barriers, and limiting beliefs.

Persistent business challenges are stopping your progress, and you lack an effective strategy to move forward.

Your hesitations keep you from taking bold actions, but your inner voice insists you are meant for more.

You are struggling with effective decision-making.

You are frequently experiencing stress, adversely affecting your health and work-life balance.

You may be feeling isolated without support in navigating your entrepreneurial journey.

Your business operations are affected by low productivity and efficiency.

Your existing strategy is not reflecting your personal values, making you feel inauthentic.

One-to-One Collaboration & Ayurvedic Business Growth Consultation

Radiant Touch

What will you get?

1 x 180 min session

Ayurvedic assessment

Gap analysis

Customised recovery strategy

Implementation guidance

Resources, templates, and tools

Bonus: FREE 1 x 30 min follow-up consultation

Whisper of Essence

What will you get?

3 months duration

6 x 60 min sessions

Excuse Audit & Excuse Detox

Empowerment Strategy

Ayurvedic psychological assessment

Resources, templates, and tools

Bonus: FREE additional 1x 60 min session

Alchemy of Blueprint

What will you get?

6 months duration

9 x 60 min sessions

2 x 120 min workshops

Blueprint Strategy

7 Gates Roadmap to awaken your business

Progression tasks from each session

Bonus: FREE 1 x 120 min Business Health Clinic

Harmony of Grace

What will you get?

12 months duration

12 x 60 min sessions

3 x 120 min Business Alignment workshops

6 x 60 min Harmonisation sessions

Harmony of Grace Strategy

Business Bible

A-A-A journey

Bonus: FREE 1 x 180 min Business Synergy Fusion workshop

Ignite your inspiration with these success stories

Working with Ella was enlightening. Just being able to focus on a process was inspiring. Ella has the ability to think laterally and see things that I didn’t see. She takes her work seriously and definitely wants to give assistance to her clients to enable them to move forward. A good listener to understand your situation and brilliant in presenting her analysis. Ella is certainly a great person to work with.

Elaine Evans MA

Image Consultant and FSB Area Lead

I have worked with Ella on my business strategy, and I am amazed at how much clearer and enlightened I now feel. It is like Ella has switched a bright light on in my head! The way that Ella expertly listened and guided me to see, for myself, a new way forward that I hadn’t seen before, was like a magician, pulling a rabbit from a, seemingly empty, hat. I was skipping out of the sessions with Ella, eager to get started on a new approach and a new plan, with clarity, joy and positivity. As a result, I am managing my customers more efficiently, I regularly set clear targets and my income is continually growing. I highly recommend that you work with Ella.

Cathy Hill

Visual Artist and Laughter Yoga Facilitator

Upon meeting Ella, her unique perspective on life immediately struck me as unconventional; she possessed an extraordinary ability to perceive potential where others encountered challenges. Initially, I found it challenging to embrace this mindset, yet her words resonated deeply, lingering in my thoughts. Gradually, I began comprehending and valuing her wisdom, a transformation that has led me to my own profound happiness. I am sincerely grateful for Ella's invaluable contribution to my journey towards contentment. I wholeheartedly recommend partnering with this genuine and honest soul to explore how to become your own anchor.

Zuzanna Socha

Food Technologist

Working with Ella helped me focus on what I needed to do to get my new business up and running. She possesses a natural ability to equip and motivate you mentally. What initially seemed like a daunting task was broken down into achievable goals, empowering me and boosting my confidence to succeed in my now thriving business.

Alicia Barron

Massage Therapist

During my time working with Ella, collaboration with her has been a seamless experience in which I felt I could place my trust. Ella’s dedication, creativity and willingness to form personal relationships has facilitated each project to ensure it is a success. I have no doubt that her entrepreneurial journey will hold the same standard of excellence and passion that she has shown in our professional collaborations.

Freya Khambatta

Quality Assurance Manager

I would not hesitate to recommend Ella to anybody who is looking for a professional service, coaching or mentoring, as the transferable skills she demonstrates carry across to many disciplines, and she radiates positivity and inspiration, which is something that we all need in day-to-day life!

Neelam Mlait

Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Working with Ella and approaching business with Ayurveda completely reshaped my company, bringing balance, harmony, clarity and structure. Prior to starting the programe, my approach to daily tasks was chaotic. I can confidently affirm that creating my unique Harmony of Grace Strategy and Business Bible provided a solid foundation for my business, enabling me to serve my clients better. My confidence is also greatly restored. This programe taught me to align my business with my values, ensuring that I operate in harmony. I now know how to plan and grow effectively. The results are evident - I am satisfied and continually attract new clients. If you seek clarity and success, Ella is the mentor for you.

Magdalena Wachowska,

Lady Herb

Investing in Harmony of Grace was the best decision I made for my business. It totally changed my biz game! It gave my business a whole new vibe. This was transformational year during which I have figured out what really matters to me and my business. I'm now making decisions that feel totally right. Plus, I learned some cool ancient tricks that make running
my business much smoother. Seriously, if you want to run your business from the heart - this is it! You will love creating your Business Bible.

Kasia Kramarz

Paper Imagination

After wrestling with a pressing business challenge and losing many nights of sleep, I
turned to the Radiant Touch session for help. In just one session my perspective
shifted. I walked away armed with the tailored strategy provided and confronted my
burning issue not just with the mind but also with the heart. Ella’s unique approach
was eye-opening, and her guidance proved invaluable, resulting in swift
implementation and tangible results. Not only did this session resolve my immediate
problem, but it also transformed my mindset, paving the way for long-term success.

Malgorzata Kryczka

Wellness Travel

I highly appreciate working with Ella. During individual sessions and 1-2-1 workshops, her knowledge and experience have led to significant changes for me and my business. This transformation primarily involved setting a specific business strategy for my company. This strategy now allows me to work without feeling burdened or burned out, and instead, find joy, satisfaction, and financial abundance.
I truly feel this program has awakened my business. Another important aspect was addressing my blocking beliefs. It was amazing how easily these beliefs could be changed when working with Ella. I particularly recommend the Alchemy of Blueprint
for a profound business shift.

Marta Wesolowska

Holistic Support for Women Leaders

Working with Ella is a life-changing experience for me. Her intuitive wisdom creates a harmonious balance that has brought profound positive shifts into my life. Grateful for the cosmic connection that led me to her.

Maria Plewniak

Medical Student

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Welcome to the world of business in harmony and joy, where every step brings you closer to a balanced and fulfilling life.
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